Paying For College Expenses

Covering College Expenses With Your Co-Parent

In New Jersey, both parents are required to contribute to their children’s college expenses. However, unlike other areas of family law, there is not extensive precedent or a specific formula to calculate each parent’s contribution. It requires an attorney who has a detailed understanding of this complex legal area.

I am David Meth, Esq., and I have years of experience helping clients to determine and establish a legal arrangement for paying for their child’s college expenses. I provide warm, compassionate counsel while also standing up for your best interests. Contact me for skilled guidance in this and other child custody and support issues.

How An Attorney Can Help You

Many people try to undertake their cases alone, but a do-it-yourself settlement agreement is dangerous when it comes to college expenses. There are questions about how to enforce such agreements and which expenses are covered. Often, working with an attorney to create a legally binding document is better for both parties. Let me explain the complex nuances of this New Jersey-specific law in detail and help you understand the best option for you.

What Does The State Consider As “College Expenses?”

Debating which expenses to cover can quickly become a contentious issue between co-parents. Generally, the court considers tuition and room and board to be college expenses. Every case is unique, however, and some areas are ambiguous. Do school supplies count? How about the cost of travel to and from campus? And what happens if you or your student lives in a state other than New Jersey? Does New Jersey law still apply?

In an in-person consultation, I can give you a better idea of what to expect from your case, including the potential expenses you must cover.

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