Considering Mediation?

Mediation: What You Should Know

Mediation is an excellent alternative to the drawn-out, contentious process of litigation. By contrast, mediation usually takes less time and costs less money.

If you are curious about mediation, you should contact me, David Meth, Esq. I am not only a divorce attorney with more than 30 years of experience. In a free initial consultation, we can discuss more about mediation and whether it is right for you.

The Many Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation has become a popular alternative to trial in divorce cases because it offers many benefits. For example:

  • Cost-efficiency: Generally, mediation is less expensive than going to trial.
  • Speed: It usually takes less time to resolve a case through mediation. Litigation can take months, if not years.
  • Amicability: Cooperating with the other party goes a long way toward maintaining a cordial relationship.
  • Privacy: Unlike a trial, where the proceedings are public record, everything that happens in mediation remains private.
  • Control: Rather than having a judge issue a decision, mediation allows both parties a degree of control.

Get A Board-Certified Mediator In Family Law

I am a board-certified family law mediator per the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts. It is rare for an attorney to complete the long process to become board-certified. To achieve certification, I took extensive additional training and education. This knowledge, combined with three decades of experience, is a testament to the skill that I bring to my client’s mediation sessions.

Interested In Mediation? Learn More.

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